Getting rid of pests from your Home

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As per the best home cleaners in Dubai, our perfect home is can be an abode not just for you. Insects and rodents attracted by the good food in your kitchen can come into your home uninvited, and can make themselves at home if left undisturbed. While we can swat flies and bugs as we see them, it takes a bit more effort to address the root causes of pest infestations and prevent pests from entering your home. Let’s take a look at some of the most common pests, and what you can do to get rid of them.

Common pests in the UAE

Different climates have different kinds of pest problems. Warm climates similar to that in the UAE are hots pots for pests and bugs that find your home ideal for breeding. While there are a lot more pests than we look at here, these pests are the major sources of diseases to homeowners in the UAE. Also, we often consider ants as pests, but they are least likely to carry any diseases and so, can be exempted from this classification.



Rats and mice in your home can wreak havoc on your furniture and flooring, spreading diseases if you come in contact with their droppings. Use rat traps to curb the rodent problem in your home. For more thorough rodent infestations, consult with local house cleaning in Dubai for more permanent solutions.


The most serious of pests in any home, roaches are nearly invulnerable to most common pest-repellents. They have few natural predators when inside your home, leaving them free to breed and take over your home. Roaches are attracted by leftover food bits and make their home in any crevice they can find.


Your mattresses are ripe targets for bedbugs during the summer. These pests are called bedbugs because they prefer not to settle too far from their source of food – and since their primary diet is human blood, they live mostly in mattresses. But once an infestation begins, you’ll find these pests in every crack and crevice in your home.


Scary as they are, spiders are neither bugs nor pests. In fact, they are essential for keeping your home bug-free, and if not for the cobwebs they leave behind, they are an efficient bug-control solution. If you get hold of any spiders in your home, get them outside, rather than squashing them. Your yard might have a lot of pests that simply cannot be eliminated like those indoors. Spiders settling in the shrubbery can take care of this pest-problem, without the mess of webs.


The buzz of flies can be quite irritating on a clear weekend when you put up your legs ad relax. Catching or trapping houseflies can be a near-impossible task, considering their persistent nature of feeding and laying eggs wherever possible. Use adhesive or light-based fly traps to get rid of flies.


Pet owners know how easily these little pests can take over your home if you are not too careful. Ticks lay their eggs out in the lawn and when they hatch, make their way on to your pets, and through them, into your home.

Proper pet cleaning can ensure ticks are eliminated before they enter your home. Treat your lawn and surrounding shrubbery with pesticides only after consulting professional home cleaners in Dubai.

Kitchen Cleaning

Pests seek out food, and your kitchen is where they can find a lot of it. Open garbage bins and dirty kitchen counter tops are like a free-to-eat picnic for pests. However, you are at risk of catching diseases when these pests take a liking to the fresh food in your kitchen.

A clean and organized kitchen means pests have minimal contact with leftover food. Secure your kitchen cabinets and counter edges with pest-repellents, making these spots immune to cleaning service dubaican help you clean your kitchen effectively and efficiently so that no pests can find their way to your food sources.

Clear Damp Areas

Pests need both food and water to survive just like you. You can’t do much to restrict them from finding food because they can find ways to sneak into sealed cabinets even. What you can do though, is cut them off from the main sources of water in your home. Without water to sustain themselves, these pests will try to look elsewhere to settle and breed.

Seal any leaky faucets and pipes in your home with help from Dubai house cleaning services so that there is no standing water inside your home. Dehumidification of damp rooms in your home once a month can control pest infestations from taking root in these places.

Outdoor Maintenance

Before pests come into your home, they will most likely have a lair right outside your home. In fact, most infestations are in places that are left undisturbed, and your yard might have such places aplenty. Overgrown lawns can harbor bug nests that make their way into your home. Work sheds outside your home can also interest pests since they find less activity than indoors. House cleaning in Dubai can help you take care of your immediate outdoors and seal up any cracks through which pests may enter your home.


This can be an effective tool to prevent small pests from getting into your home. Installing mesh screens on your windows as well as ventilation ducts allows air to come in freely while preventing flies and bugs from entering your home. Detachable screen fittings can be cleaned easily as well, making them a prime choice if your home is prone to gathering a lot of dust.

Consult professional home cleaners in Dubai to find the best quality fly screens for your home. They can also arrange regular cleaning schedules after installation so that your screens are never dusty.


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